• Is it easier to get a mortgage now?
    Can you advise me with the funding?
    Are you going to help me find the house I want?
    Will I be able to buy or should I think of renting?
    What documents do I need to get started?
    Am I buying at a fair price?


But the housing that fits your preferences. You have entered the website (or you have called and we have sent you to our page), you have seen a poster ...

You are looking for flats in Palma, houses in Mallorca ... it does not matter. The point is that you have finished choosing a house that we are managing. That's a fine, but we also want to be your choice. We do not come to tell you about the house of your dreams, rather the opposite. We want to be realistic and our job is offering you results. Being effective. Accomplishing that you trust us and that – with our experience – you find what you are searching for, maybe what you always dreamed for or not. Shall we start?


The purchase of a property is surely the largest investment that a person makes throughout his life. We want to close a good deal but sometimes we find a real estate market and do not feel sure how this market is moving. On the other hand, sometimes we have not had access to the proper financial culture that guides us when it comes to making numbers or seeing how purchasing or selling a home really works. Where do I start? Apart from the price, which other expenses like VAT, home insurance, life insurance, real estate tax ... have to ne added? Mortgages can include clauses and what this means ... etcetera.

If we hire a decoration and events expert for the day of our marriage, and a personal coach to look fine on the pictures, an attorney for legal matters…why not trust an advisor to find a home that you will pay for during 30 years?

Why us?:


A trusted partner to find your future home in the databases of more than 42 real estate on the island.


Legal assistance throughout the buying and advising process before, during, and after management.


Simplicity. Call us or register and start filtering yourself what interests you most.